Dayara Bugyal Skiing

Dayara Bugyal is a high altitude meadow in the Uttarkashi District of Uttarakhand. It is easily accessible throughout the year be it summer or winter. In the winter it is the perfect location for skiing. The rolling meadows make amazing skiing slopes. The gentlest slopes are closest to the Dayara camp site hence the perfect place for beginners or first timers to try their hand at the basics of skiing. Those who are more adept at skiing can walk a bit further up for long, uninterrupted and obstruction less sorties.

Short Itinerary

Day From To Altitude Distance/Time
Day 1 Dehradun Uttarkashi 1352m 120km (by car)
Day 2 Uttarkashi Barsu 2100m 50km (by car)
Barsu Barnala 2880m 5km/2.5hrs
Day 3 Barnala Dayara Bugyal 3030m 5km/2.5hrs
Theory and practical demonstration on the basics of skiing.
Day 4 Dayara Bugyal Skiing 3030m
Day 5 Dayara Bugyal Skiing 3030m
Day 6 Dayara Bugyal Barsu 2100m 10km/5hrs
Barsu Uttarkashi 1352 50km (by car)
Day 7 Uttarkashi Dehradun 120km (by car)

Trek Grade: Easy

Ski Grade: Basic

Best Months: Mid January – Early March

Detailed Itinerary

Barsu – Barnala

The path leading away from Barsu towards Barnala takes one right across the village of Barsu and climbing up affords the trekker panoramic views not just of the village below but also of the mountain range ahead in the distance. It is a view out of a fairytale, of a village quite literally nestled in the lap of snow clad mountains.

The rest of the way up to the camp in Barnala is wide and in the autumn covered like a blanket with golden leaves. In the winter the blanket is that of snow a pure white sugar like carpet that is nothing but welcoming. The way is also completely surrounded by a forest. Also on the way is a pretty little tal called the Barnala Tal that gives the camp site its name.

Barnala – Dayara Bugyal

From Barnala all the way up to Dayara Bugayal we move away from the tree line and start walking on the gentle slopes of the bugyal (meadow). Powdered slopes, ever inviting and alluring, underneath your feet and gigantic Himayalan peaks up ahead keep your eyes fixed on them, making the journey to the top seem light and breezy. The effort of climbing up is forgotten as your senses are already overwhelmed by the beauty and splendour around them.

Dayara Bugyal – Bakra Top – Dayara Bugyal

The climb up to Bakra Top also continues in the same vein. The only thing that is different is the way you forget to breathe as you reach the top and see the sight in front of your eyes. There are those who forget to breathe, others who are surprised to find tears rolling down their cheeks; quite unexpectedly. That is the effect that the Himalayas can have on you, unearth your deepest emotions and lay them bare at their feet.

Skiing at Dayara

We will start with the very basics of skiing learning about your skis and its parts. How to wear your shoes? How to get onto your skis, basic balance, learning how to fall and getting up. After this has been mastered we will move onto the Snow Plough, the stopping technique. In this manner we shall cover the basics of skiing and have a whole lot of fun on the way.

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