Dodital-Darwa Top Trek

Legends, myths and the journey to them

Dodital is a picturesque lake in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. The lake is fed from natural springs and is the source of the river ‘Asi Ganga’. Legend has it that the pristine shores of this lake are the birthplace of Lord Ganesha. Dodital is also called Dhundhital, Ganesha’s Lake. The lake derives its name from the word Dodi (Trout in the local language). As can be imagined the lake provides a home to this particular fresh water fish.

Nestled under the cool shade of the Deodar trees at the bank of the lake is a quaint little temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Religious or not, no trek to the lake is complete without at least a quick look in this ancient temple.

Short Itinerary

Day From To Altitude Distance/Time
Day 1 Dehradun Uttarkashi 1352m 120km (by car)
Day 2 Uttarkashi Sangam Chatti 1450m 15 (by car)
Sangam Chatti Agoda 2200m 7km/4hrs
Day 3 Agoda Dodital 3045m 14km/7hrs
Day 4 Dodital Darwa Top 4150m 10km/6hrs
Day 5 Dodital Agoda 2200m 14km/6hrs
Day 6 Agoda Sangam Chatti 1450m 7km/3.5hrs
Sangam Chatti Uttarkashi 1352m 14km (by car)
Day 7 Uttarkashi Dehradun 120km (by car)

Trek Grade: Moderate

Best Season: Early April – Mid June; Early September to Early January


Detailed Itinerary

UttarkashiSangam ChattiBhewara

The road head of Sangam Chatti is an ideal place to sit and enjoy a cuppa as the final preparations are made before commencing on a road into the heart of Indian legend.

As one enjoys a hot cup of tea it gives one time to ponder on the destruction wreaked upon the area by the forces of nature. Massive bridges lie asunder as if pushed out of its way by an angered entity that now is nothing more than a gentle stream.

The path from Sangam Chatti to the village of Agoda is almost completely exposed and open. It can very easily be described as barren/desolate terrain. The initial climb is also a moderately steep one. But then just as the climb begins to ease out so does the terrain. We shall spend the evening in a quaint little home stay and enjoy local cuisine.

Agoda – Dodital

The initial walk from Agoda towards Dodital takes one on a path across the village of Bewara. As the path takes the trekker out of the village the path starts a slightly steep ascent into the Deodar forest.

This ascent levels out after about an hour’s walk. From then on it is a gentle and melodious walk through the forest all the way up to Manajhi. From Manajhi the scenery shifts a little between the Deodar forest and Rhododendron forest. The walk though long is pleasurable and an assault on the senses. In the winter one walks on snow so perfect it feels like sugar under the feet and in the summer the same paths are covered with golden-orange leaves that crunch under the feet.

On this walk the rhythmic movement of the feet is accompanied by wild music not just from the birds and crickets but also from the walking of the trekkers who beat a rhythm that is almost divine.

Dodital – Darwa Top – Dodital

The trail from Dodital to Darwa Top is the only one that is on the tougher side. However, the satisfaction that is afforded when one reaches the top and sees a panoramic view of the Gharwal Himalayas more than makes up for the strained muscles. The path after Dodital winds through a forest for a while and then opens up into a high altitude meadow.

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