What To Carry


  1. Warm beanie/woolen hat: Enough to cover your ears properly. A full face balaclava is also an excellent option.
 A BUFF is good too, ideally a fleece buff that will keep u warm.
  2. Cotton Scarf: A cotton scarf or a cotton buff to cover your neck. This will keep your neck warm as well as help keep the perspiration away.
  3. Sun Glasses: A good category 4 or spectron lense 4 sun glasses. A pair of lower grading UV protection sunglasses are also good, but better the pair of glasses more the protection from reflection in the snow.
  4. Headlamp or Torch: Any type of a small and reliable torch will suffice.


Upper Body

  1. Base Layer: A close fit t-shirt, spaghetti top or a thermal.
  2. T-shirts: 2 or 3 full sleeve dry fit or cotton t-shirts which you will wear on top of your base layer.
  3. Mid layer: A Fleece jacket or sweater to give you some real warmth.
  4. Warm Jacket: A thick warm outter jacket or a down jacket must also be carried.
  5. Outer layer/rain poncho: A wind and waterproof jacket or a poncho to protect you from the elements in case you encounter rain or light showers or snow.
  6. Gloves: It is recommended that you carry two pairs of gloves, one thick water/wind proof and one basic fleece gloves/woolen gloves. Two pairs of woolen gloves are also a good option if waterproof gloves are not available.


Lower Body

  1. Regular Inner wear: 3 or 4 depending on the number of trekking days or as per your hygiene preference. You may also carry disposable underwear, however, these must be carried back or given to us for proper disposal as these cannot be left on the mountain.
  2. Base Layer: A thermal pant
  3. Trekking Pants: Ideally 2 pairs of light, waterproof pants will be good or 2 pair of track pants
  4. Socks: 2 good pairs of thick warm (woolen) walking socks. 1 pair of regular cotton walking socks per day of the trek and 2 extra pairs over and above this number. (However, you may carry more socks if you so wish. Socks can sometimes prove to be the most important item in your gear).
  5.  Trekking shoes: A good pair which is waterproof with Vibram sole.

Other Accessories

  1. Optional Shoes: A pair of floaters, Crocs or slippers to wear at the camp site (you will not be allowed to walk in these, they are only for the camp site).
  2. Sun Hat or a Baseball Cap
  3. Camera
  4. Water Bottles: 2 bottles 1L each or a Hydra Pack of minimum 2L. You can also carry 1 bottle of 1L and a small thermas if you like to drink hot water on the trek.
  5. Pocket knife (Swiss knife)
  6. Spare batteries for the headlamp or torch and camera
  7. Day Pack (30L-40L) for self carry while walking (eg water, sun block etc.)
  8. Walking Sticks: 1 or 2 as per your walking preference
  9. Knee Caps: 2 knees caps as per your knee size are compulsory to carry.

Personal Toiletries: Carry only what is essential and keep it light.

  1. Sunscreen preferably a higher SPF such as 50 or 75 and above,
  2. Cold cream
  3. Listerine mouth wash
  4. Wet wipes
  5. Toilet paper
  6. Face wash (can be used to wash your hands as well)
  7. Tooth Brush and paste
  8. Hand Sanitiser

For Women:

  1. Panty Liners and Sanitry Pads (you can also carry ‘V wipes along with wet wipes for extra hygiene)

Personal Medication: Make sure you carry your personal medication if you have an ailment but please let us know about these. Other than any specific medication that you may be on please DO NOT carry any other medication!


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