Har Ki Doon Trek

In a time when Gods walked among men and great battles were fought for honour a mythical mountain found its way into the hearts of the people. A mountain that became the path that the Pandavas and Draupadi took to ascend to heaven. To this day this mountain, Swargarohini, held scared in the hearts of millions exudes an undeniable allure. It is this pull that you will experience as we walk closer to getting a glimpse of it.

 Short Itinerary






Day 1



196km/6hrs (by car)


Day 2



(10km by car) 13km/7hrs


Day 3


Har Ki Doon



Day 4

Har Ki Doon (Walk to Har Ki Doon rest house and surrounding areas.


Day 5

Har Ki Doon




 Day 6






196km/6hrs (by car)

Trek Grade: Easy to Moderate

Best Months: Mid April to Mid June; Early September to Mid December

Detailed Itinerary

Sankhri to Taluka to Seema

From Sankhri we take a local taxi to Taluka even though it is only 10km it takes about an hour to get to Taluka as the road is not metaled. The trek from Taluka to Seema takes about 7 hours and the entire walk is wooded. The gradient this day is not steep and the walk through the forest is a mixture of gentle ascents and descents.

Your path no matter how far it may take you will meander across quaint villages, romantic fields and forests of Oak, Willow and Walnut. Forests change as the altitude increases and Oaks give way to Pines and Rhododendron.

Seema to Har Ki Doon Camp Site

We start walking from Seema and go past the village of Osla which is a marvel in itself. The architecture and culture of Osla is very different from that of the other areas in Garhwal and gives us a brief glimpse into the vast and varied cultural heritage of Uttarakhand. After we go past the village of Osla we come to flattish areas where the villagers of Osla have their fields. Once past this area we come to steep inclines that continue for over and hour. The last climb is up a ridge called Kalkatidhar. Past Kalkatidhar we reach a mixed Rhododendron and Pine forest, the walk now becomes gentle again. Reaching the camp site we have to descend down from the high point of Kalkatidhar.

Har Ki Doon Camp Site to Har Ki Doon 

We camp 2km below the actual area known as Har Ki Doon next to a stream and in a clearing surrounded by trees and shrubs. We walk from here to Har Ki Doon and spend the day either walking around the area or if you so choose just sitting and enjoying the picnic was shall arrange.

The valleys, ridges and meadows hide unimaginable treasures here. Meadow walks reveal lakes, glaciers and magnificent Himalayan views that not only take your breath away but also drive home the immense beauty hidden in the world of nature.

The terrain too changes systematically almost as if it were mimicking the moods of the plant life around it. Steep patches of forest suddenly turn into rolling slops of grassy meadows. This trek stays true to the legend of Swaragarohini and shows you the path to heaven.

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