Kedartal Trek

Kedar Tal is a mesmerising lake situated at the base of the mountains Thalay Sagar (6904m), Bhrigupanth (6772m) and Manda. The waters of Kedar Tal are crystal clear and on days when the water is calm a magnificent reflection of Thalay Sagar can be seen mirrored in the lake. It is truly a sight to be seen, almost makes one subscribe to the theory of suspension of disbelief and believe that there are indeed two mountains, one above the water and one below.

Kedar Tal is also the source of the Kedar Ganga which is a tributary of the Bhagirathi. The confluence of  the two is at Gangotri.

Short Itinerary 


From To Distance/Time


Day 1

Dehradun Harsil 90km/4hrs (by car)


Day 2

Harsil Bhoj Kharak 8km/4-5hrs


Day 3

Bhoj Kharak Kedar Kharak 4km/4hrs


Day 4

Kedar Kharak Kedar Tal 5km/4-5hrs


Day 5

Kedar Tal Bhoj Kharak 9km/5-6hrs


Day 6

Bhoj Kharak Harsil 8km/3-4hrs



Uttarkashi 90km/4hrs (by car)


Day 7

Uttarkashi Dehradun

 120 km/6hrs (by car)

Trek Grade: Moderate to Extreme

Best Months: Mid May to Jun, Early September to Mid November (However, chances of snow in November are heavy hence this period would only be for seasoned trekkers)                                            

 Detailed Itinerary

Gangotri to Bhoj Kharak

This day’s walk is marked by a steep ascent almost completely through the trail. The trail skirts the steep walls of the valley all along the Kedar Ganga. Kedar Ganga is a tributary of the Bhagirathi river coming from Gaumukh. The walk to Bhoj Kharak is full of Birch trees or Bhoj in Hindi, the campsite gets its name from these trees. At the very last stretch before the camp site there is a steep ascent. Once at the camp site you can sit under the shade of the Birch trees and relax.

Bhoj Kharak to Kedar Kharak

Once you cross Bhoj Kharak the tree line vanishes and the view of mountains is clearer and nearer. The walk this day is not as tough as the day before but there is a challenging section during the day where you have to cover a 1 km long landslide which is dangerous. One has to be extremely careful as there is the river on one side and a land side on the other. After you cross this part beautiful meadows welcome you. We stop for a short break here and have a cup of tea before carrying onto the camp site. The way today is not long but one has to be careful crossing it. We will have a lot of time on the way to sit and admire the scenic beauty the surrounds this place. The camp is set up with a clear view of Mt Thalay Sagar.

Kedar Kharak to Kedar Tal

The trek on this day is not tough, not so much in the steepness of the ascent but in that one has to cross several sections of moraine. However, the distance is relatively short and the views at the end of the trail are bountifully rewarding. The sights of Thalay Sagar reflected in the lake, the majistic Brigupanth and the Jogin Massiff are breath taking. We camp next to the lake and go for a walk along the lake and admire mother nature.

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