Mt Thelu (6001m) Expedition

Mt Thelu is located deep inside the Garhwal Himalayas, just tipping the 6000 meter mark this peak makes you feel the effects of being above 6000 meters. It also makes you work for your summit from the 2nd day onwards. Traversing the Gangotri Glacier, in today’s conditions, is the first hurdle on the way to this mountain.

Short Itinerary


From To Altitude


Day 1

Dehradun Uttarkashi 1352m 120km (by car)

Day 2

Uttarkashi (Issuing of equipment)


Harsil/Gangotri 3048m

90 (by car)

Day 3

Gangotri Bhojwasa 3784m


Day 4

Bhojwasa Rakthban Base Camp 4500m


Day 5

Acclimatization Day at Base Camp. Issue of personal climbing equipment to climbers.

Day 6

Base Camp ABC (Load Ferry) 5000m

On actual

Day 7

Base Camp ABC (Load Ferry) 5000m

On actual

Day 8

Base Camp ABC Shift 5000M

On actual

Day 9

ABC Summit Camp (Load Ferry) 5600M

On actual

Day 10

ABC Summit Camp (Shift) 5600M

On actual

Day 11

Summit Camp Summit Attempt 6001M

On actual


ABC/Base Camp 4500M

On actual

Day 12

Extra Summit Day

Day 13

Base Camp Gangotri

On actual

Day 14



Day 15

Reserve days for emergency. All members are advised to plan their travel bookings according to 15 days.

Expedition Grade: Moderate to Extreme

Best Months: Early May to Mid June, Early September to Mid October

Detailed Itinerary

Gangotri to Bhojwasa

Gangotri is situated at the height of 3100mt in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. Driving to Gangotri itself is a  beautiful experience and walking from Gangotri to Gaumukh is a holistic experience. The walk to Bhojwasa from Gangotri is slightly steep off the bat for about 500 meters and then smoothes out to a very gradual incline. As soon as you start walking the first view that can be seen is that of Mt Sudharshan and as we walk further Mt Bhagirathi I, II and III, Thelu as well as Mt Shivling are added to the horizon. The walk is quite gradual with up and downs till you reach Chirwasa.

The walk from Chirwasa to Bhojwasa us just 5km. We have lunch at one of the dhabas at Chirwasa. After lunch we carry on to Bhojwasa. The trial continues in the same vein as before the break. There are just a few land slide areas in this patch that one has to be careful about.

Bhojwasa to Rakthban Base Camp

It takes about an hour and a half to get to the Gangotri Glacier. We then have to traverse the glacier towards the left and move towards Rakthban. The 200m climb upto Rakthban is slightly treacherous; sandy and slippery. Once at lower Rakthban we have to cross the Ratkhban nala. Ropes may need to be fixed across it depending on the water displacement. After we have crossed over to the left bank we walk along in the Rakthban meadow for about an hour till be get to Base Camp.

Base Camp to Advance Base Camp

From Base Camp the climb up to the Advance Base Camp consists of negotiating a rather long stretch of moraine. For the first 45 minutes of the climb we walk away from the Base Camp and through the meadow. Once we reach the ridge that marks the end of the meadow we must walk down to the moraine. From here on we climb straight up the almost standing moraine towards Advance Camp. The Advance Camp is also set up in the moraine.

Advance Base Camp to Summit Camp