Nag Tibba Trek

Into the abode of the God of Snakes

Nag Tibba, the highest peak in the lesser Himalayan range in Garwahal, Uttarakhand; is considered to be the abode of the God of Snakes (Nag Devta).  The peak thus also borrows part of its name from the God; Nag (Snake) and Tibba (Top). The top affords spectacular views of the Yamnotri Valley. Magnificent peaks like the Banderpoonch, Kala Nag, Swargrohini and so on, will not only captivate but also enthral you.

Short itinerary

Day From To Altitude Distance /Time
Day 1 Mussoorie Pantwari 1394 m 88 km/4hrs (by car)
Pantwari Goat Village Home Stay 2562 m 2 km/1hrs
Day 2 Goat Village Home Stay Jhandi (Summit) 2977 m 5 km/5hrs
Jhandi (Summit) Goat Village Home Stay 2562 m 5km/3hrs
Day 3 Goat Village Home Stay Pantwari 1394 m 2km/1hrs
Pantwari Dehradun 88 km/4hrs (by car)

Trek Grade: Easy to Moderate

Best Months: March to May; September to January (January is the best time to witness snow) 

     Detailed Itinerary

Pantwari to Goat Village Home Stay

On this the very first day the walk is only 2km to the Goat Village and it is exposed with little or no tree cover. However, the views one experiences spread as far as the eye can see below the horizon line. You reach the Goat Village before you can start feeling tired. The Goat Village is a beautiful place to rest and get the feel of village life. The sunset from the Goat Village is breathtaking. In the evening you can walk around the place to get acquainted with it and call it an early night and get ready for the next day’s walk.

Goat Village Home Stay to the Summit 

The walk this day is easy but very long as compared to the one witnessed the day before but it is amazingly beautiful. You will walk through a mixed forest that will transport your imagination to the wilds of our forefathers. As you near the top a quaint meadow begins to emerge that then carries on till the top and cascades on to all sides of the summit. And then come the views of the abode of the Gods. The Himalayan range spread out in front of you will take your breath away and transform you to a trance like state. As you sit there with 180 degree views one doesn’t want to leave and come down.

From the summit we descend back down to the Goat Village. This walk down is just as spectacular as the views you will see from the summit, a mixed descent that is in places steep and in some places gentle. The entire way is surrounded by a lush Rhododendron and Blue Pine forest. This walk is a pleasurable assault on all your senses.

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