Nandanvan Tapovan trek

This will take you past Gaumukh, the source of the river Ganga, on the Gangotri Glacier, across the mythical Tapovan (one of the most spiritual places in India) at the base of Mt Shivling and up to Nandanvan another hidden gem nestled in the Garhwal Himalayas.

The walk to Bhojwasa from Gangotri is easy and generally flat all through the trek. The second day as you  make your way across the Gangotri Glacier to Tapovan the trek is harder, as one crosses the glacier. One route to Nandanvan also the glacier has to be crossed ngand there ish a lovely rest day at Nandanvan sooth the feet and to let your spirit absorb the wonder that is the Gangotri glacier.

Day From To Distance/Time Altitude
Day 1 Dehradun Uttarkashi  120 km/6hrs (by car) 1158m
Day 2 Uttarkashi Gangotri 90km/4hrs (by car) 3100m
Day 3 Gangotri Bhojwasa 14km/7hrs 3775m
Day 4 Bhojwasa Tapovan 6hrs 4463m
Day 5 Tapovan
Day 6 Tapovan Nandanvan 6hrs 4350m
Day 7 Nandanvan-Upper Nandanvan
Day 8 Nandanvan Bhojwasa 6hrs 3775m
Day 9 Bhojwasa Gangotri 14km/6hrs 3100m
Day 10 Gangotri Uttarkashi 90km/4hrs (by car) 1158m
Day 11 Uttarkashi Dehradun 120 km/6hrs (by car)

Trek Grade: Moderate to Extreme

Best Months: Mid May to Jun, Early September to Mid November (However, chances of snow in November are heavy hence this period would only be for seasoned trekkers)                                             

                  Detailed Itinerary

Gangotri to  Bojwasa

Gangotri is situated at the height of 3100mt in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. Driving to Gangotri itself is a  beautiful experience and walking from Gangotri to Gaumukh is a holistic experience. An inner peace and tranquility can be achieved in this trek. Walking along the river Bhagirathi and the massive mountain views the can be seen as soon as you start walking is a paradise for all who are spiritual and for those for whom trekking in itself is spiritual. As soon as you start walking the first view that can be seen is that of Mt Sudharshan and as we walk further Mt Bhagirathi I, II and III, Thelu as well as Mt Shivling are added to the horizon. The walk is quite gradual with up and downs till you reach Bojwasa camp site right next to the river Bhagirathi. After finishing the first day walk it is good place to relax and rejuvenate your energy for the next day.

Bojwasa to Tapovan

Bojwasa to Tapovan is challenging walk one required sure foot  to walk in trail. as the walk is through glacier. till gumuk the walk is gradual. after crossing it there is steep incline. while walking the on the steep gradient one has to walk slow as the height we are gaining is  quit one can walk slow and look back to witness the bahagirathi coming out of glacier the and expanding. and  the massive khumuk glacier  you are walking on you reach tapovan the view changes a massive filed and small stream flowing in between give you picture of wonderland .tapovan is base camp of Mt shivling. now one can see the big massive  mountain  above you.

Tapovan to Nandanvan

Nandanvan is base for many mountain like bagirathi 1  2 and 3, and many other mounatin . a big pass called kalandi khal is also done from here. for nandvan you have to cross gangotree glacier again.and reach the top which is like field . with stream all over the place Nandanvan has the  best view of mt shivling. in  the morning when first light shine on mountain it look like the mountain is on can walk up to upper  nandanvan. see all the glacier merging with gangotaree glacier.

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