About Us

Our History

Bohemian Adventures LLP is the baby of Anusha Subramanian, Shashi Bahuguna and Guneet Puri. The seeds of our friendship were sown in 2009, in the mountains, when we were all still pursuing our respective main stream careers. Anusha was a journalist, Shashi a banker and Guneet was still in college back then. Over the next few years as we climbed together and finally when we volunteered together during the Uttarakhand disaster of 2013 we realised that it was in the Himalayas where our true calling lay.

It was in the wee hours of one fateful night in October of 2013 while were sitting at a table celebrating the success of our fund raising expedition to Mt Rudugheira (5819mts) when we voiced to each other something that had been on our minds for a really long time. Why not turn our passion for climbing into a full time job?

The first few days when BA was nameless we sat and told each other our respective plans and what we had been thinking about the future of climbing in India. Its limitations and what we planned to do to change that. We discussed everything from rescue operations and formation of teams; for the greater integration of the hill folk and the local community into the adventure sports field. After hours and hours of sitting together, organising our thoughts and plans, arguing and finally concurring we came up with a game plan for BA.

Frankly speaking finalising a name proved to be more challenging than the last mountain we had climbed. In the end we decided that who the three of us are as persons and in spirit, is what the company should be and so was born Bohemian Adventures, a free spirited child of three passionate women.

Our main philosophy for BA is borrowed in part from Abraham Lincoln, “of the mountains, by the mountains and for the mountains”. The mountains are our home and as we do what we do best here, climb and trek, we also aim to give back to our home by providing a sustainable economic scenario to its residents.

As far as possible we try to provide our guests a glimpse into the lives of the mountain folk, their culture and traditions with home stays along our trek routes. We have on our treks, guides who belong to the area thus being able to provide our guests with a comprehensive insight into the traditions and folk lore of the area.

The safety of our guests is our first priority. We always have a minimum of 3:1 guest to guide ratio and a group of no more than 12 on a trek (after all we are not here to herd cattle up the mountains). All our treks also have a minimum of 50-50 male-female guide ratio (more often than not its 100% women and when we can get them the cooks are also women). We also organise women only treks where all the guides and trip leaders are women. More often than not you’ll have a young local girl accompanying you as she learns the practical aspects of guiding in the field.

Our vision for the years to come includes the promotion of women in the sport of mountaineering and trekking both as team leaders and guides. In an extremely male dominated sport we are trying to turn the tables by taking women interns on our treks and expeditions thus providing them with actual on ground guiding experience.

We also hope to lead by example by having stricter and more stringent safety guidelines implemented in the Himalayas. Both towards the safe keeping of the environment and removal of garbage from the mountains as well as keeping a low carbon footprint while on the mountains.